Katherine L. Mulvany practices everything from A to Z in immigration matters. Family petitions and immigration court defense are the most common, the risks are almost never obvious. It is important that you get good and accuate advice from an experienced immigration attorney, and NOT a notario. Notarios have absolutely no accountability and often give incorrect advice just to get your money. It is not uncommon for them to take cases that are not eligible for the application they file.

The right Attorney can make a huge difference with the success of your case. A good attorney will give you good advice, which includes good aspects as well as risks in your case. Katherine Mulvany focuses on protecting your rights, negotiating with the government to get the best result and aggressively represents your interests. You deserve personal attention from your attorney, and not pay a lot of money to only have contact with a paralegal or secretary. Furthermore, your attorney should be the one who performs the work on your case, and not an unlicensed notario or paralegal.

Katherine Mulvany is highly experienced and gives honest, personalized, and affordable, representation throughout the West Coast and Southwest states. Ms. Mulvany handles everything that may arise in an immigration matter, including:
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ˇ         Family Petitions

ˇ         Fiancé Petitions

ˇ        Work Permits

ˇ         Greencards

ˇ         Immigration Court Defense

ˇ         Cancellation of Removal

ˇ        Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

ˇ         Naturalization

ˇ        Advance Parole



ˇ         Asylum

ˇ         NACARA

ˇ        TPS

ˇ         A to Z Visas

ˇ         EB5 Visas

ˇ        I-601A Waivers

ˇ         Deferred Inspection

ˇ        Prosecutorial Discretion


If you want to know if you are eligible for any of these, or other, immigration matters, please call, text, or email to set up a free in person consultation*.
Practice Areas